WSEAS Transactions on
Acoustics and Music

ISSN: 1109-9577

2016 | Pre-2016

Volume 3, 2016

Title of the Paper: Design of an Innovative Acoustic Metamaterial

Authors: Pavlos Mavromatidis, Andreas Kanarachos

Abstract: This report represents the mass dampers based acoustic resonators, inclusion in the light weight structures. Especially 3d printed structures, which are light in weight and thus have poor acoustic properties. With the inclusion of acoustic resonators, the sound vibrations can be attenuated and thus good acoustic properties can be achieved in the light weight structures. Major emphasises is given on the concepts, methods of designing an innovative acoustic resonators in a CAD modeller, their FEA on a FEA solver, their 3d printing manufacturing process and then the experimental modal testing of the structure. In short their correlation to the real structures. CAD modelling of the new light weight plate structure hosting innovative acoustic resonators is done in CATIA V5 6R-2015. It was then analysed in Workbench ANSYS 16.1 for the modal analysis. 3d manufacturing of the part was done in 3d printer (Ultimaker 2) based on Fused Deposition Method (FDM). Material used for manufacturing the part is PLA. Experimental modal testing was done in order to validate the model. The resonance frequency achieved for mode 9 is 1555.4 Hz from the experimental modal testing, Lab test LMS Xpress software. Where the FEA gave 1575.4 Hz resonance frequency for mode 9 thus quite correspondence was seen between the results. Hence a reasonable validation is done of the designed model to real structure. Conclusively the innovative acoustic resonators shows the potential of reducing the noise produced in 3d printed light weight parts. Future recommendations are given, based on the knowledge and skilled learned for reducing the resonance frequency.

Keywords: acoustic metamaterial, finite element, modal analysis

WSEAS Transactions on Acoustics and Music, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1109-9577 / -, Volume 3, 2016, Art. #1, pp. 1-6